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Current version: 6.9
updated on: February 14, 2019
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Q: I get an error message when trying to install docuPrinter SDK. What should I do?
A: Here are the things you should consider:
1. Before installing docuPrinter SDK make sure that you have installed docuPrinter LT, Pro or TSE on the computer; 2. Make sure that the Print Spooler service is started;
3. Make sure that the user account you are installing docuPrinter SDK from has write access permissions to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE registry key;
4. Reboot the computer and try the docuPrinter SDK installer again;

Q: The JPEG files that I create through docuPrinter SDK seem to be grayed. How can I improve that?
A: docuPrinter SDK allows you to set the "quality" of the output JPG/JPEG files. For that set the JPEGImageQuality property to a higher setting to improve image quality.
NOTE: Adjusting the image quality to a higher setting can cause your JPEG file to become larger (in file size) so experiment to see which setting works best for your documents.

Q: What should I change in the docuPrinter SDK configuration to create smaller PDF files?
A: Here are several things you can try (note that, by default, docuPrinter SDK is configured to create high-quality PDF files optimized for printing):
a. Set the following docuPrinter SDK property OptimizePDFfor="screen".
b. Set the following docuPrinter SDK property TrueTypeFontDownloadOption=1.

Q: When I'm trying to append (insert before) pages to an existing PDF document with docuPrinter SDK, I get an error message (or the resulting PDF file is blank). What should I do?
A: Make sure that the PDF document you are trying to append to is not encrypted or in use by some other application;

Q: I have Windows 98 and the PDF files that I create with docuPrinter SDK appear to be "jagged". What do I do?
A: To solve the problem download and install this docuPrinter add-in

Q: Why some of the PDF files created with docuPrinter SDK cannot be displayed in MacOS X Preview?
A: MacOS X Preview doesn't support PDF files with custom true type font encoding - Acrobat Reader for MacOS X displays this type of PDF documents without any problem. A simple workaround is to force docuPrinter to produce PDF files with type1 (PostScript) fonts inside which are fully supported by MacOS X Preview - for this set TrueTypeFontDownloadOption=1.

Q: When I print from Word through docuPrinter SDK and my page orientation is Landscape the resulting PDF gets rotated. What do I do?
A: Try to set the following docuPrinter SDK property PDFAutoRotatePages="PageByPage".

We needed an ActiveX component to create PDF files from our own application. After some researching we found docCreator. Great product at an excellent price! Your customer support makes the difference!

Andrew Tapperman
RDV Pty Ltd.

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