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Current version: 6.9
updated on: February 14, 2019
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Q: I get an error message when trying to install docuPrinter SDK. What should I do?
A: Here are the things you should consider:
1. Before installing docuPrinter SDK make sure that you have installed docuPrinter LT, Pro or TSE on the computer; 2. Make sure that the Print Spooler service is started;
3. Make sure that the user account you are installing docuPrinter SDK from has write access permissions to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE registry key;
4. Reboot the computer and try the docuPrinter SDK installer again;

Q: The JPEG files that I create through docuPrinter SDK seem to be grayed. How can I improve that?
A: docuPrinter SDK allows you to set the "quality" of the output JPG/JPEG files. For that set the JPEGImageQuality property to a higher setting to improve image quality.
NOTE: Adjusting the image quality to a higher setting can cause your JPEG file to become larger (in file size) so experiment to see which setting works best for your documents.

Q: What should I change in the docuPrinter SDK configuration to create smaller PDF files?
A: Here are several things you can try (note that, by default, docuPrinter SDK is configured to create high-quality PDF files optimized for printing):
a. Set the following docuPrinter SDK property OptimizePDFfor="screen".
b. Set the following docuPrinter SDK property TrueTypeFontDownloadOption=1.

Q: When I'm trying to append (insert before) pages to an existing PDF document with docuPrinter SDK, I get an error message (or the resulting PDF file is blank). What should I do?
A: Make sure that the PDF document you are trying to append to is not encrypted or in use by some other application;

Q: I have Windows 98 and the PDF files that I create with docuPrinter SDK appear to be "jagged". What do I do?
A: To solve the problem download and install this docuPrinter add-in

Q: Why some of the PDF files created with docuPrinter SDK cannot be displayed in MacOS X Preview?
A: MacOS X Preview doesn't support PDF files with custom true type font encoding - Acrobat Reader for MacOS X displays this type of PDF documents without any problem. A simple workaround is to force docuPrinter to produce PDF files with type1 (PostScript) fonts inside which are fully supported by MacOS X Preview - for this set TrueTypeFontDownloadOption=1.

Q: When I print from Word through docuPrinter SDK and my page orientation is Landscape the resulting PDF gets rotated. What do I do?
A: Try to set the following docuPrinter SDK property PDFAutoRotatePages="PageByPage".

I downloaded docuPrinter Pro and I am impressed with it. Now I can virtually eliminate the paper files that are stuffing every available space. Thank you so much for this wonderful program - the ease of use is incredible...

Marcus Landers

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