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Current version: 4.6
updated on: March 12, 2019
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Q: I get an error message when trying to install docCreator. What should I do?
A: Here are the things you should consider:
1. Make sure that you are logged with the Administrator account;
2. Make sure that the Print Spooler service is started;
3. Reboot the computer and try the docCreator installer again;
4. If the steps above don't help try this: in windows go Start->Settings->Printers->Add a printer->install the Apple Color LW 12/660PS printer driver on your system, then reboot the computer and try the docCreator installer again.

Q: I get an error message when trying to call the StartPrinting method. What should I do?
A: Make sure that the user account you are calling docCreator from has printer management permissions (by default only local admins have this permission).
As a workaround you can use the docCreator DCOM interface (instead of the COM) and specify the user account it should run in:
  • in your application add a reference to the docCreator DCOM library;
  • type dcomcnfg in the command prompt and press Enter;
  • find and select docCreator DCOM in the Applications list, then press the Properties button;
    If you have windows 2003 then type dcomcnfg in the command prompt, expand the Component Services group, expand the Computers group, expand the My Computer group, expand the DCOM Config group, find and select the docCreator DCOM library->right mouse click->Properties.
  • click the Identity tab. Check the "This user" checkbox, press Browse and specify the Administrator account;
  • enter and re-enter the Administrator password;
  • click the Security tab. Check the Use custom access permissions checkbox, press Edit and add the "Everyone" user account;
  • check the "Use custom launch permissions" checkbox, press Edit and add the "Everyone" user account;
  • reboot the computer;

  • Q: Everytime I call the StartPrinting / StopPrinting methods a print event is logged in the System log. How do I disable that?
    A: If you want to stop monitoring the print events in the system log, add to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers registry key the following entry:
    Name: EventLog
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 0
    There is no need to reboot, but you will have to stop and restart the Print spooler service.

    Q: When converting PDF files the paper size in the output document is different from the original. How can I fix that?
    A: By default, docCreator will set the page size to the MediaBox. Some PDF files, however, have a CropBox that is smaller than the MediaBox and may include white space, registration or cutting marks outside the CropBox. To force docCreator use the CropBox rather than the MediaBox set the following docCreator property UseCropBox=true.

    Q: I'm trying to stamp a PDF file, however the stamp doesn't appear on the output document. What is wrong?
    A: First make sure that the PDF file you are trying to stamp is not encrypted (password protected). If it's not make sure that StampX and StampY properties are within page size limits. Also try to set Watermark=0 - this will force docCreator to place the watermark / stationery on top of the page content (if the document you are trying to stamp has a non-transparent background and you set Watermark=1 the watermark will not be visible as it will be covered by the non-transparent background).

    We started using Document Converter Pro in a project recently. The old solution, using Acrobat, required manual intervention every 2-3 days. Document Converter Pro has now been running uninterrupted for almost 4 weeks. This, combined with the excellent response I have had from your support team, makes me (and my client) extremely happy with your product & services.

    Philip Warner
    Albatross Consulting Pty Ltd
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