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Welcome to our News & Events section! Here you will find a comprehensive list of product improvements and added features. Feel free to browse through!

June 4, 2012
Neevia Document Converter Pro v6.2 released. Changes:
  • updated PDF generation engine;
  • PDF/A-2b as output format;
  • support for WebKit as parser for HTML;
  • better support for unicode EML/MSG documents;
  • improved overall conversion speed and stability;
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January 7, 2011
Neevia Document Converter Pro v6.1 released. Changes:
  • improved support for unicode eml and msg files;
  • improved support for TIFF images;
  • improved Excel and PowerPoint multithreaded conversion;
  • better support for dwg/dwf conversions using DesignReview;
  • improved overall conversion speed and stability;
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April 19, 2010
Neevia Document Converter Pro v6.0 released. Changes:
  • improved conversion speed and stability;
  • support for folder-specific configurations;
  • support for specifying the file processing oder;
  • new COM object;
  • OCR support for the Image parser;
  • new email parser that allows for merging email body and attachments during conversion;
  • support for unicode eml/msg files;
  • added support for AutoDesk DesignReview as parser for DWG and DWF files;
  • improved support for unicode watermarks;
  • added TIFF/Fax optimized, Send as fax and Printer output formats;
  • support for PDFcompress and PDFsign;
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July 22, 2008
Neevia Document Converter Pro v5.2 released. Changes:
  • added support for Windows 2008;
  • improved scripting support for all parsers;
  • improved PDF generation engine;
  • support for PDF v1.7 as input format;
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July 16, 2007
Neevia Document Converter Pro v5.1 released. Changes:
  • support for PDF/A-1b as output format;
  • Windows Vista support;
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June 14, 2006
Neevia Document Converter Pro v5.0 released. Changes:
  • added support for OpenOffice v1.x, 2.x;
  • native .eml parsing;
  • added support for RGB to CMYK PDF conversion; It is now possible to generate CMYK PDF files from RGB input.
  • added metadata support; Document Converter Pro will now generate metadata according to the Adobe XMP specifications;
  • added support for Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64; added support for Microsoft Office 2007 (beta);
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January 14, 2005
Neevia Document Converter Pro v4.99 released. Changes:
  • support for PDF v1.5, v1.6 rendering, including JPEG2000 images, compressed objects and xrefs, 16-bit deep images;
  • improvements to the PDF generation engine, particularly for text and images, resulting in smaller files;
  • improvements in Asian font support;
  • improvements to shading (gradient fill) rendering that are faster and higher quality;
  • text and graphics antialiasing support;
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