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Current version: 6.8
updated on: March 14, 2017
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Q: I get an error message when trying to install docuPrinter TSE. What should I do?
A: Here are the things you should consider:
1. Make sure that you are logged on the console with the Administrator account;
2. Make sure that the Print Spooler service is started;
3. Reboot the computer and try the docuPrinter installer again;
4. If the steps above don't help try this: in windows go Start->Settings->Printers->Add a printer->install the Apple Color LW 12/660PS printer driver on your system, then reboot the computer and try the docuPrinter installer again.

Q: The JPEG files that I create through docuPrinter TSE seem to be grayed. How can I improve that?
A: docuPrinter TSE allows you to set the "quality" of the output JPG/JPEG files. For that:
1. In the docuPrinter TSE "Save As" window, select JPG as output format and click the "Configure" button.
2. Adjust "JPEG Quality" to a higher setting to improve image quality.
NOTE: Adjusting the image quality to a higher setting can cause your JPEG file to become larger (in file size) so experiment to see which setting works best for your documents.

Q: What should I change in the docuPrinter TSE configuration to create smaller PDF files?
A: Here are several things you can try (note that, by default, docuPrinter TSE is configured to create high-quality PDF files optimized for printing):
a. In the docuPrinter TSE "Save As" window, select PDF as output format and click the "Configure" button->select Screen as Optimize For setting.
b. In Windows go Start->Settings->Printers->select docuPrinter ->right mouse click->Properties->Printing Preferences->Advanced->select Outline as TrueType font download option.

Q: When I print from Word through docuPrinter TSE and my page orientation is Landscape the resulting PDF gets rotated. What do I do?
A: In Word click File -> Print select docuPrinter as your printer and click OK. When the "Save As" window comes up click the Configure button->Edit PDF Settings and change Auto-Rotate Pages from "None" to "PageByPage".

docuPrinter Pro works great and the price is right, your customer support is fast, friendly and effective. If you start selling operating systems, let me know!!!

Bob Henry
Robert A. Henry P.A.
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